Contact Details
Parish Priest:  Mgr. Patrick Kilgarriff
Tel:  01684 574 250

Parish Pastoral Assistant:  Mrs Ruth Hopkins
Tel:  01684 574 250

St Joseph's Primary School
Head Teacher: Mrs Ann-Marie Wallbank
Tel:  01684 573 016
Welcome to the Parish of St Joseph, Malvern.
Benedictine monks first came to Malvern with Aldwin, a monk from Worcester, who began work on Malvern Priory in 1085 under the direction of Bishop Wulstan of Worcester (now St Wulstan), who promised him that the place would be 'wonderfully favoured by God'.

After the Reformation, Catholics started meeting regularly for Mass in Malvern in 1871, using a room in Aldwyn Towers, but in 1876 Dom Bernard Bulbeck, a monk from Downside, built the present church of St Joseph's. The parish was served by the monks of Douai until 1996 when it became the responsibility of the Archbishop of Birmingham.

In 1997/8 the church was considerably expanded into the fine building you see today, which was blessed by Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville on 10th June 1998.

Parish of St Joseph
125 Newtown Road
WR14 1PF

Mass Times

Standard Sunday masses are:

6.00pm   Saturday Vigil

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturdays 10.30-11.30am, or contact the Parish Priest