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You can make a real difference to poor communities worldwide by donating to the OWG Christmas appeal.

For many years our Parish has supported communities in Bolivia, India, Tanzania and Guyana and from them learned from the interaction. Today, our brothers and sisters in these places are experiencing severe hardships as they struggle to manage the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. These communities were very poor even before the pandemic, and their situation has worsened over the past few months. People are afraid. Their societies do not have infrastructure such as the NHS and government assistance to help them.

Each year we also support a different need in Malvern, and this year we will help Maggs, a charity that works with homeless people, that is setting up a centre in Newtown Road, in Malvern.

If you feel able to contribute, please go to the next page to see how you can do it.

For information on our parish projects, see the One World Group annual report on the parish website.

Please share information about our Christmas collection as widely as you can.

Proposed methods:

1. Send a cheque
Make it out to “St Joseph’s RC parish Malvern” and include, if possible, a completed Gift Aid form. Then put it/them into an envelope and:

  • Either post it to Tim Thorp, Park Farm House, Harcourt Road, Malvern WR14 4DW;
  • Or leave it labelled with ‘OWG Christmas Collection’ with a steward after mass;
  • Or put it at any time into the Presbytery letter box (DO NOT LEAVE IN NARTHAX).

2. Send by bank transfer

Bank: NatWest
Business Account Name: RCA of BHAM St Joseph’s Malvern

Sort code: 53-81-33

Account No.: 89263561

It is important that in the Notes/Additional-Information box you add “OWG”.

If you can, use a Gift Aid form and:

  • Either post it to Tim Thorp, Park Farm House, Harcourt Road, Malvern WR14 4DW;
  • Or leave it labelled with ‘OWG Christmas Collection ’ with a steward after mass;
  • Or put it at any time into the Presbytery letter box (DO NOT LEAVE IN NARTHAX).

3. Use cash

Put it in an envelope:

  • Either put it in and envelope labelled with ‘OWG Christmas Collection’ and leave with a steward after mass. If possible, include a Gift Aid form;
  • Or put it in an envelope with ‘OWG Christmas Collection’ and leave it at any time in the Presbytery letter box (DO NOT LEAVE IN NARTHAX). If possible, include a Gift Aid form.


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