Fr Naz in Malawi
Fr Naz has sent items to share with the Parish from Malawi - please see the new article linked below for details.
Scam Emails
Hi all

I received an email, claiming to be from Fr Naz and asking me to do a favour for him.

I checked with Fr Naz, and it certainly was not him, even though it was from a Gmail account with his name.

This was clearly a scammer, who got Fr Naz's details from somewhere (maybe even by looking at this site).

A standard scammer tactic is to make up some story in an email claiming to be the victim (in this case Fr Naz), then ask for e.g. money to be sent "because it's an emergency" (or some such tale).

If you receive a similar email from an email address you do not know, simply delete it.

I'll be around this weekend if anyone needs any more details.



Parish Magazine for August 2019

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2019 OFSTED Report on St Joseph's Primary School
St Joseph's Primary received a marking of Good in the 2019 OFSTED review. See link for details.


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Edyta Mills & Anne Lewis
St Joseph's Primary School
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