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The parish has a large overdraft and can afford nothing other than essential expenditure. At the same time, our lovely building is getting older - it is over 15 years since the rebuilding took place - and maintenance pressures are increasing. It is against this background that the 100+ Club was formed in the middle of 2010. It now has comfortably over 100 subscriptions from about 80 members of the parish.

For £5 a month, a subscription buys one chance of a prize in a monthly draw. There are 5 prizes each month and a member can have up to 5 subscriptions. Approximately 50% of the money received is returned in prizes and the remainder is ring fenced for maintenance. (If there are 100 or more but less than 110 subscriptions there is one monthly prize of £100, 2 of £50 and 2 of £25 with £250 or more going to maintenance. With 110 or more but less than 120 subscriptions, the prizes become £110/£55/£27.50 with £275 or more going to maintenance, and so on for higher numbers.)

The Club is allowing maintenance to begin again after a lapse of several years. The organisers are David Rank, Alf Teuma and Maggie Chetwood. Please contact David Rank (01684 563 784) for more information. Application forms are available from the pocket in the Narthex.

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