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Following on from the recent Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles drawn together by Bl. Carlo Acutis, here are some online resources:




Twitter Feed - Papal

Pontifex Those to be served above all are: those in need of receiving who can’t give anything back. In welcoming those on th… https://t.co/tvpmL7ojCl
Pontifex In the #GospelOfTheDay (Mk 9:20-37), the Lord overturns the criteria about what truly matters: greatness and succes… https://t.co/t5CW2eoOpT
Pontifex Hope would have us recognize that there is always a way out, that we can always redirect our steps, that we can alw… https://t.co/VgcJJtU0Vu
Pontifex From our gift the life and health of others, sick and suffering, may spring forth, helping to reinforce a culture o… https://t.co/vvHU0vui1U
Pontifex #Catechesis is not an abstract communication, the memorization of theoretical knowledge. We must insist on pointing… https://t.co/kKJY4sFfQU

Twitter Feed - Parish

CatholicMalvern Today we say goodbye to @AskInvitePray seminarian David Bench, who returns to studies at @The_VECrome_org after his… https://t.co/h2EowfRBsB
CatholicMalvern We are holding a parish retreat centred on St Joseph with Fr Dermot Byrne 24-26 Sept. Join us in person or via YouT… https://t.co/yTOfzcSkeW
CatholicMalvern After Mass on the #Malvern hills yesterday, some of our parish walked back to the church together. They stopped at… https://t.co/AR6Nx0GoPw
CatholicMalvern “Whenever two or three gather in my name, there am I also.” Mass on the #MalvernHills. (See our Facebook page for m… https://t.co/PBryNXwXqN
CatholicMalvern Fr Naz said Mass on the #Malverns with a climate theme today. Wonderful weather & about 70 parishioners came. Lots… https://t.co/Acon7tsOw2

Twitter Feed - Vatican

VaticanNews At the #Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the theme of service, saying that when we serve others, we rec… https://t.co/RigV9BlnGC
VaticanNews Pope Francis prays for victims of flooding in Mexico as well as for all those unjustly held in foreign countries.… https://t.co/2I4AlwhN8W
VaticanNews Canada's Bishops announce they will be holding their plenary assembly online for a second consecutive year. https://t.co/Nh3ch5Gwio
VaticanNews The Eucharistic Congress in Budapest was an opportunity to share our hope and joy in the Blessed Eucharist, says Bi… https://t.co/xCbtUkzO3T
VaticanNews US Bishops express support for language to be included in the forthcoming budget reconciliation bill that, if enact… https://t.co/pdQFugROIZ