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At the moment, keeping St Joseph's church open as we normally do could undermine the desire of the Government for people to remain at home, the very fact of it being open may draw people out of their homes, many of which would be the most vulnerable to infection.

Keeping our church open sends an utterly inconsistent message and therefore it must be closed for the benefit of others and stopping infection.

As a sad but necessary consequence the doors of all St Joseph's Church as well as other churches and chapels in the Archdiocese are closed to the public and that they remain permanently locked until these restrictions are lifted.

In this way we shall continue to play our part within every parish in fighting the Coronavirus and to show our solidarity with all those who are striving to overcome the current pandemic.

In the meantime it will still be a great consolation to the people of the parish to know that Mass is being celebrated daily in their local church and that they are spiritually united with the celebrant and with one another as beneficiaries of the Sacrifice of Christ.

Please continue to keep in your prayers all those working in the NHS and all those who are ill because of the Coronavirus.

Please take good care of yourselves so that you are able to care for others.

With my prayers and kindest wishes.

Fr Naz

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