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Today (22/7/2022) is the Day of Prayer for Vocations at St Joseph's.

A few Parishioners spent time before the Blessed Sacrament, as below, to pray for vocations. Please keep vocations in your own prayers on this special day.

Twitter Feed - Papal

Pontifex Reviving a dialogue happens not with words, but witth silence; not by insisting, but by patiently beginning anew to… https://t.co/9lUyb6vCUN
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Pontifex To give hope to others, sometimes it is simply enough to be kind, to put aside your own worries and priorities in o… https://t.co/3U02mKzrvB

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CatholicMalvern We pray to God for the lives lost in the pilgrim coach crash en route to #Medjugorje. May choirs of angels welcome… https://t.co/UOxtaNkPOB
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CatholicMalvern Today at Mass we celebrated the convalidation of the marriage of Sundrella & Matthew. They were joined by family &… https://t.co/RZ3sZbR08S
CatholicMalvern RT @aarjanistan: Really devastated to have to say this but our good friend and comrade @thekafkadude has gone missing since Sunday night. H…
CatholicMalvern Our whole parish wishes our parish priest, Fr Naz, a very happy 70th birthday today. #AdMultosAnnos https://t.co/9dDC2FfMQY

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VaticanNews RT @Pontifex: Reviving a dialogue happens not with words, but witth silence; not by insisting, but by patiently beginning anew to patiently…
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